Words Can…

Words can wake you up at night, after a short sleep, to remind you of what you forgot to say, or didn’t know how to say.

Words can be regret in abundance, or abundant without regret.

They can be misshapen, misheard, mistook, misappropriated, misleading, and misspoken.

They can manipulate, mend..

They can mend.

Words can horrify or humanize,

They can humanize with horror.

Words can do harm or hold you, withheld or harnessed.

Words can heal.

Words can create everything in a moment.

Words can kill.

Words can taunt, bully, deceive, lie, choke, maim, paralyze.

Words can make up their very own story.

Words can be fact or fiction, false or foreign.

Words can be forgotten.

Words can make history in memory.

Words can be learned and unlearned.

Words can be said in complete silence.

Words can be revoked but not always removed.

Words can be spoken or said or signed.

Words can make their way into art.  Words can tie together the untidy.

Words can be an action.

Words are a choice.