NO DIFFERENCE, HUMAN by Kathryn Merrifield

BOY TEEN CHILD: “What’s the difference between men and women? I mean I know the biological difference but what’s the personality difference?”


MOTHER (holding breath, thinking and rolling eyes): “Well, one of my English lit professors wrote something on the chalkboard at our first class. It was a quote from a poet by the name of William Blake: ‘To Generalize is to be an Idiot. To Particularize is the Alone Distinction of Merit.’ He taught Romantic Poetry. It basically means that everyone is different and you’re a bright human if you can articulate that.”

I added that women tend to be more social but as I said it, I felt stupid – different in fit maybe like a pair of modern jeans fabric, cut, color, length, design, logo, and life.

Jeans and I are very happy together. It took years to narrow it down to one brand that fits all things I love and the budget I’ll expend on-trend and outside of it (I don’t inside).

Parent 101 is basically, “I don’t know.” And so you think about this stuff like you’re Plato going into a cave but you have a fraction of the time and also a half-second of the audience because you’re not a simple yet literate man with the oratory skills, following, Socrates at your bidding, and centuries of scribes who created the template for philosophical thought based on one of the first recordings of self-reflection. In a cave.

The first man cave on record.

“PATRIARCHY!” is echoing right now.


Which is probably patriarchy if women just get a “She Shed.”

Fit is the difference. At some point, one or all of the TEEN CHILDREN will maybe be amazed that fitting is the only difference of that unique blend that is being together when you could be alone and be still be perfectly happy until you find a fit.

It’s called belonging. And it feels like singing in the shower.